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esperanto film title pageUPDATE 2 July 2017...

Prezento che itala kongreso en Policoro (Matera): vendrede 1/09/2017 je la 15.00: Nicola Minnaja prezentos la filmon kaj prelegos pri Clarence

Yes, that's Esperanto that Clarence loved so much and worked so hard on. The esperanto version of our video will have its World Premier at the Italian Esperanto Association's Congress at Molicoro (Matera) Southern Italy on 1st September at 15h00. Thank you to Michela Lipari for the information. Nicola Minnaja will lecture on Clarence Bicknell at the same event.

The screening in Edinburgh at the British Esperanto Congress last month was a sneak preview. By "World Premier" I mean that the Esperanto version will be released on the internet on the same day. Tune in to then.



We are proud to announce the completion of the Esperanto version of the documentary film on Clarence Bicknell. Thanks to the energies and peristence of Esperanto supporters Michela Lipari (Director of the Italian Esperanto Association) and Humphrey Tonkin (President & University Professor of the Humanities, Emeritus, Hartford University, USA), <La Mirindaĵoj de Clarence Bicknell> has been voiced into Esperanto by Wera Blanke, Bill Chapman and Angela Tellier. Rémy and I (Marcus Bicknell) are proud to provide to the Esperanto community worldwide a precious memento of Clarence Bicknell's love for and support of the universal language.
The response from the Esperanto community (there are about 100,000 of them worldwide) has been remarkable. The film will be projected at Esperanto congresses in Scotland, South Korea and Italy in the next few months; details below. It will be released to the public on the internet free of charge on 26 August 2017 (and available before that dates for media review or academic purposes, Tiu ĉi retpoŝtadreso estas protektata kontraŭ spamrobotoj. Vi devas ebligi Ĝavaskripton por vidi ĝin.).
19th May 2017 in Edinburgh, Scotland. British and Scottish Esperanto Congress preview of the Esperanto version of the film <La Mirindaĵoj de Clarence Bicknell> 19th to 21st May (URL available to delegates)
22nd July 2017 (exact screening date to be confirmed) in Seoul, South Korea. International Esperanto Congress, preview of the Esperanto version of the film <La Mirindaĵoj de Clarence Bicknell> 22-29 July (URL available to delegates)
26 August 2017 (exact screening date to be confirmed) in Heraclea (Matera), Southern Italy. General world release of the Esperanto version of the film <La Mirindaĵoj de Clarence Bicknell> during the Itala Kongreso de Esperanto 26 augusto - 2 settembre 2017. The Italian Esperanto Association organised with the Clarence Bicknell Association and the film’s producers the recording of the Esperanto voice-over. General release means that the internet address of the film is made public on the same day as the Italian screening.
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