NEWS - new donations to The Clarence Bicknell 2018 Centenary Fund

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fund thermometerTwo new major donations received to the The Clarence Bicknell 2018 Centenary Fund ... what encouraging news. Now is the time for you to support us too, see below.

The Istituto Internazionale di Studi Liguri (IISL) has been able to put €5,000 in to the fund, and the Clarence Bicknell Association (CBA) has been able to secure a donation from a USA-based trust for about €8,000 (exacty figure will be known when the transfer arrives). These two donations are in addition to the €12,736 secured form the USA by the CBA in April.

With the €25,000 raised the IISL can proceed with Phase 1 of the works on the entrance to the garden where the giant Ficus tree has swallowed the gate, and new signage. Bordighera-based Architects Alessandro Liotta & Aldo Panetta are working closely with Dr Daniela Gandolfi and planning permission has bene secured. This will be a great way to celebrate the 2018 Centenary of Clarence's death.

A few thousand euros are in the fund for the 2018 exhibitions round Europe; more details soon.

We would be most grateful if, when you read this piece, you a) join the Clarence Bicknell Association >Association >Membership b) make a donation yourself (button on the website home page) and c) make a couple of calls to contacts you might have who have the means to make a donation too.

There is SWAG! That's the current US term for gifts you'll receive from us if you donate and these include signed copies of the new biography on Clarence and/or the quality print repro of the Casa Fontanalba Visitors' Book etc. The list of what you can get is on the last page of the information about the campaign: click on the pdf link.pdf download icon


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