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Graham Avery, Vice-Chairman of the Clarence Bicknell Association, writes...

Thanks for telling me of the publication . With the aid of the list of contents (see my summary below) I have browsed the parts that looked interesting, but haven't read the whole volume (212 pages). Of particular interest to me is the article by Mariotti (pages 136-166) on ‘The contribution of some German personalities to botanical culture’ which includes a section on Fritz Mader (pages 150-154) and even a reference (page 162) to one of my articles on the CB website:
Avery G., 2016. ‘Cher Monsieur’. Clarence Bicknell’s correspondence with Emile Burnat 1886-1917.
I'm intrigued by some of the information that Mariotti offers about Mader, which I plan to follow up with him in due course. In general, the volume gives a fascinating picture of the cultural and botanical activities of Germans and other foreigners on the Riviera around 1900. Since it includes brief references to Ellen Wilmott (pages 63, 95) I copy this to Tamsin Treverton Jones. When I met her at my talk in Bristol I mentioned to her ‘The British Colonies in the Italian Riviera in the '800 and '900’ by Alessandro Bartoli, Fondazione "A. de Mari" Cassi di Risparmio di Savona, 2008 (188 pages) as a possible source for Wilmott. But although it has much information on expatriates, including CB, Thomas Hanbury, and many others, I see that Ellen Wilmott doesn't figure in the index.

LIST OF CONTENTS (Mariotti and Minuto paper)
Alwin Berger - Conference Proceedings
Programme of Hanbury Gardens, Ventimiglia: 6-8 October 2017:
Presentation of the Conference Proceedings "Alwin Berger and others. The signs of German culture in the gardens and in the Riviera landscape. Before and after the Great War"
Biographical exhibition on Alwin Berger, curator of the GBH from 1897 to 1915.
Text of Proceedings (Boll. Mus. Ist. Biol. Univ. Genova, 79, 2017, 212 pages) is at:

L. MINUTO Presentation 5
L. SCHMALFUSS Alwin Berger: his life, family and friends 9
D. METZING The scientific heritage of the gardener, botanist, and succulent researcher Alwin Berger 17
G. CAMPODONICO & M. MARIOTTI Elise Berger’s life memories. Presentation of the Italian edition of an unpublished diary on Alwin Berger’s life 45
E. ZAPPA & M. MARIOTTI Alwin Berger, curator of the Hanbury Botanical Gardens at La Mortola 52
F. DE CUPIS & D. GANDOLFI A precious photo album in honor of Thomas Hanbury recently rediscovered 86
A. GUIGGI, M. MARIOTTI, F. PASTOR & E. ZAPPA Exsiccata and types in the A. Berger’s herbarium at La Mortola (HMGBH) 104
F. MAZZINO Ludwig Winter: its gardens and its sign in the Italian landscaping 113
M. MARIOTTI The contribution of some German personalities to botanical culture in
Liguria (NW-Italy) between 19th and 20th centuries 136
German botanists and naturalists on the Riviera between the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th. The origins of the industrial floriculture 166
S. CARLINI Otto Penzig, explorer. The diary of the expedition in Indonesia. Presentation of the Italian edition

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