Research - the dogs in Clarence's life

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The sharing of three dozen black-and-white photos of Casterino from Clarence's photo album on the Facebook page "Tu sais que t'es tendasque quand..." led to warm reactions from its readers and a warm interchange with Elisabetta Massardo, engaged in the translation of MARVELS into Italian. Some of the exchange was about the identity of dogs in the various photos. I therefore ran through MARVELS and my other files to put some order in my mind about which dog was which.

My paper was initially entitles "3 dogs in Clarence's Life" but it turned out quickly to be "4 dogs in Clarence's Life"...

  • Mahdi, Clarence's dog
  • Leo, Margaret Berry's dog
  • Capi, Nora Bicknell's poodle, and
  • Robber, Margaret Berry's earlier dog.


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