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We are delighted to announce a massive price reduction for MARVELS, the extraordinary biography of Clarence Bicknell. Now might be the time to read it yourself or to send copies to friends.


(approx €11.50 or $12.75 - plus postage  - Amazon price £18-£20)  
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About the Book

A treasure trove of research discoveries enlightens Valerie Lester’s biography of the captivating scientist and artist, Clarence Bicknell. Over 5 years, Lester pored over hundreds of newly-discovered letters, botanical watercolours and arts-and-crafts designs in archives including the Natural History Museum, the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, the Conservatoire Botanique in Geneva and Genoa University. Every letter and diary entry provides Lester with Clarence’s voice; and each of his vellum-bound albums reveals drawings, watercolours and whimsical creations. The biography’s text, supported by more than 200 images, gives remarkable insights into how and why this man strove for perfection in each subject he tackled. 

Published by Matador in 2018, ISBN 9781 7890 1494 5 hardback. You can buy it direct ex-stock from the book’s producers, the Clarence Bicknell Association for £10 + postage. Our price was £18.95 and it remains at £18 - £20 on Amazon. We will ship to you direct from our bulk stock near London.

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About the Author

Valerie Browne Lester, an independent scholar, writer, and translator was descended from Clarence Bicknell’s maternal grand-parents. She was the author of Fasten Your Seat Belts! History and Heroism in the Pan Am Cabin (1995; Phiz, The Man Who Drew Dickens (London, 2004), a biography of Hablot Knight Browne, Dickens’s principal illustrator (Clarence Bicknell’s uncle and Valerie’s great-great-grandfather); and Giambattista Bodoni: His Life and His World (David Godine, Boston, 2015), her biography of the great Italian printer Giambattista Bodoni (1710-1813). She sadly died of cancer at her home in Hingham Massachusetts in 2019.

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