Clarence Bicknell: the rock he sent to the British Museum

Skribita de Marcus Bicknell on .

301 British Museum AN00790984 001 lIn 1897 Clarence Bicknell sent by mail to the British Museum in London an entire detached rock with a horned figured on it. Read Valerie Lester's account in MARVEL on page 121. I mention it now because the British Museum has digitised much of its archive. Their report to the UK Government each year list new acquisitions. Here is the record of Clarence's contribution:


The foreign illustrations include : —

A slab of rock with picked design representing the head of
an ox, probably of the Bronze age, from the north side of the
val Fontanalba, near Bordighera ; presented by Clarence
Bicknell, Esq.

RETURN to an Order of the Honourable The House of Commons,
dated 24 February 1898 ;— /or,

ACCOUNT "of the Income and Expenditure of tne
British Museum (Special Trust Funds) for the
Year ending the 31st day of March 1898 ; and
Return of the Number of Persons admitted to visit
the Museum and the British Museum (Natural
History) in each Year from 1892 to 1897, both Years
inclusive ; together with a Statement of the Progress^
made in the Arrangement and Description of the
Collections, and an Account of Objects added to
them in the Year 1897."

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