Luigi Pollini (1st April 1873, Stresa – 1927, Bordighera)

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Research into further details of the life and family of Luigi Pollini, the faithful colleague of Clarence Bicknell and botanist in his own right.

This new wave of research into Pollini was triggered by a request from the Zürich Herbarium, Bernhard Weber, in June 2020. “Luigi Pollini often collected plants together with Clarence Bicknell and I found the name Pollini several times in the very interesting and detailed biography that was made for the centenary of the opening of the Clarence Bicknell Museum in Bordighera. For the biography of Pollini the birthday, the place where he was born, the date when he died, and the place where he died are missing. I am writing the short biographies of the plant collectors that gave plants to the Zurich Herbaria. From Clarence Bicknell we have the following notes:”

I put a request for information out to experts in Bordighera and Genoa. The first to respond was Elisabetta Massardo, currently translating into Italian the biography of Clarence Bicknell, MARVELS, by Valerie Lester. Elisabetta remembered seeing a dedication by Clarence Bicknell in A Guide to the Prehistoric Rock Engravings of the Italian Maritime Alps (Edition of 1913) which he had given to Luigi Pollini for his birthday (April 1st). She had also taken a photograph in 2019 (at the Clarence Bicknell Centenary exhibition at the Museo Bicknell in Bordighera) of Luigi Pollini's passport which confirmed his birth date as 1st April 1873 in Stresa (Piemonte)

At Elisabetta’s suggestion, I wrote to the Comune di Stresa to ask for any other dates on record including marriage and death. They confirmed he married Mercede Varesi on 23 October 1902 in Chignolo Verbano (MARVELS page 126) They do not have the date of death as it had not been transcribed in the deed.

Giuseppe Bessone wrote on 24th June 2020 to say Pollini died 1927 in Bordighera (source: .archives, Comune di Bordighera) but he is not buried in Bordighera Cemetery.

Details and photo evidence are for researchers to find at

We are pleased that the Zurich request for info triggered some satisfying research into shuch a close friend and colleague of Clarence Bicknell.


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