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Companion logoThe Clarence Bicknell Association is proud to announce a new honour, Companion.

The Committee of our Association decided at its meeting of 28th July 2020 to honour a number of important people who have contributed to recording and publicising the work and culture of Clarence Bicknell around the world. We are pleased to announce today that the persons listed below have been elected as Companions of the Clarence Bicknell Association.

Each Companion has the right - but not the obligation - to cooperate closely with us by conducting research, writing papers for publication, participating in seminars, and other activities. We hope that each will continue to forge lasting ties with fellow Clarence-lovers, see light shone on their expertise and find a platform to share their insights with a wider audience. The input of new voices such these Companions will greatly increase the international visibility and impact of the Clarence Bicknell Association.

Among our new objectives is the aim to bring Clarence’s life and work into the digital age. Many cultural activities in the “post-Covid-19” era will be conducted by means of internet, Zoom, websites, virtual tours and other innovative applications. As funding becomes more and more difficult for museums and other cultural institutions, we believe that we can help to sustain and add value to them by inviting the public - worldwide - to enjoy the possibility of virtual access to Clarence’s heritage in various localities.

We also want to extend our field of interest by linking Clarence to other personalities who influenced the creative environment in his time - in Bordighera, the Riviera, Liguria, the Maritime Alps, and elsewhere. Topics could include George MacDonald, Ellen Willmott, Reginald Farrer, Fritz Mader, Emile Burnat, the British Tennis Club, Edward Berry, Charles Garnier, Georges MacDonald, Jane Morris, Louise Jopling, Italy’s Queen Margherita, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, and others.We believe, as Clarence did, in sharing all our research publicly. Our website is a precious resource and we will continue to improve it. We plan also to increase our use of social media.

marcus signatureSigned on behalf of the Committee of the Clarence Bicknell Association,

Marcus Bicknell


Giuseppe Bessone, Bordighera: engineer, art collector, historian, writer and expert on Clarence Bicknell.
Julian Bicknell MA, London: architect (http://www.julianbicknell.co.uk), writer, worked with the Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture between 1990 and 2000, previous Master of the Artworkers’ Guild (www.artworkersguild.org)
Mark Bicknell MA, Nettlebed, UK: Retired engineer, philanthropist, art collector
Sue Bicknell, London; supporter of Clarence Bicknell initiatives including the prospection of significant financial contributions from donors in the USA who have remained anonymous..
Dr. Raffaella Bruzzone MA, Genova and Nottingham: Research associate at the School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies, University of Nottingham, previous Marie Curie Fellow there, writer on botany, landscape and Clarence Bicknell. www.clarencebicknell.com/downloads
Maddalena Cataldi, Paris: archaeologist, graduate student and writer at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Centre Alexandre Koyré, Paris, expert on the Vallée des Merveilles and Clarence Bicknell. www.clarencebicknell.com/download 
Jean-Félix Gandioli, Nice, France: Master of Science, researcher and writer on botany, micro-climates, conservation and the history of botanists at the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle de Nice, curator of the 2018 exhibition Les Botanistes au Sommet featuring Clarence Bicknell.
Dott.ssa Daniela Gandolfi, Bordighera: Director of the Istituto Internazionale di Studii Liguri and of the Museo Bicknell which it owns, archaeologist including a specialistion in marine sites, writer, museum curator, team leader Clarence Bicknell 2018 Centenary, expert on Clarence Bicknell and his work on the rock engravings of the Vallée des Merveilles. www.clarencebicknell.com/downloads 
Caroline Hanbury, at the Hanbury Gardens at la Mortola, near Vintimiglia, Italy, organiser of the 2019 conference on Victorian on the Riviera which examined the relationship between Hanbury and Bicknell.
Prof. Mauro Mariotti, Genova. Professor of Botany at the University of Genova, UNIGE • Dipartimento di Scienze della terra, dell'ambiente e della vita (DISTAV), curator of the most important collection of Clarence Bicknell botanical watercolours, plant samples and archaeological records, director of the Hanbury Gardens, expert on Clarence Bicknell. www.clarencebicknell.com/downloads 
Elisabetta Massardo, Genoa and Vernante (Italian Maritime Alps): mountain walker, amateur botanist, photographer, translator into Italian of MARVELS – The life of Clarence Bicknell by Valerie Lester. www.clarencebicknell.com/downloads
Gisella Merello, Bordighera: historian, researcher, writer (for example the architect Charles Garnier e la Riviera, history of Bordighera and its buildings and people, The British Royal Family in Bordighera, Bicknell’s nephew Edward Berry), President of the Jury of the annual cultural award Parmurelu d’Oru, member of the Sezione Intemelia dell’Istituto Internazionale di Studi Liguri, team member Clarence Bicknell 2018 Centenary, member of the Associazione Amici di Winter. www.clarencebicknell.com/downloads
Nick Ray MA, Cambridge, UK. Architect, writer (Alvar Aalto (2005), Rafael Moneo (2015), Architecture and its Ethical Dilemmas (2005), and Philosophy of Architecture with Christian Illies (2014).), long-time Assistant lecturer at Cambridge University, Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge University, Honorary Visiting Professor in Architectural Theory at the University of Liverpool, Syndic of the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge 2015-2020. Descendant of Clarence Bicknell’s father.
Claudia Roggero, designer and PR specialist: worked in visual communication at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Padua, and in Coordinated Image and Exhibit Design at the European Institute of Design in Cagliari, member of the Committee for the restoration of the church of S. Ampelio, Bordighera, member of the Friends of the Clarence Bicknell Library and Museum, worked on the 2018 Clarence Bicknell centenary with the Istituto Internazionale di Studii Liguri.
Giovanni Russo, Bordighera: Expert librarian and researcher at the Istituto Internazionale di Studii Liguri, expert in Clarence Bicknell’s writings, art and the collection at the Museo Bicknell, Bordighera. www.clarencebicknell.com/downloads
Ursula Salghetti Drioli Piacenza, La Mortola: botanical expert in Italian plant and garden associations, president of the Associazione per la Diffusione di Piante fra Amatori., council member of the Amici di Villa Hanbury and owner/garden director of the neighbouring Villa Boccanegra.
Humphrey Tonkin, Hartford, Connecticut, USA. President & University Professor of the Humanities, Emeritus, University of Hartford, USA. President of the Universal Esperanto Association 1974-1980 and 1986-1989. Expert on Clarence Bicknell’s Esperanto hymns, poems, translations and activities in the Esperanto movement.. www.clarencebicknell.com/downloads 
Tamsin Treverton Jones, St Leon sur Vezere, France: writer and poet, formerly Head of Press at the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal Court Theatre and Bath Literature Festival. She has produced and presented features for radio, programmed literary events for digital broadcast and published two oral histories for The History Press. Windblown (2017) commemorates The Great Storm which struck Britain in October 1987.
Selby Whittingham, London: art expert specialised in the work of J.M.W. Turner, consultant to museums and institutions, secretary and founder of The Independent Turner Society and author of a number of books about art and museums. Expert on Clarence and his father, art-collector, Elhanan Bicknell.

The past and present committee members of the Clarence Bicknell Association are also named Companions, as follows.
Marcus Bicknell Chairman, Clarence Bicknell Association since 2013
Graham Avery Vice-Chairman, Clarence Bicknell Association since 2013
Susie Bicknell Secretary, Clarence Bicknell Association since 2013
Geoff Bicknell Treasurer, Clarence Bicknell Association, 2013-2018
Christopher Chippindale Committee Member, Clarence Bicknell Association since 2013
Maria Pia Luly-Jones Committee Member 2013-2017
Helen Blanc-Francard Committee Member, Clarence Bicknell Association since 2013
Vanessa Bicknell Treasurer, Clarence Bicknell Association
Titus Bicknell Committee Member, Clarence Bicknell Association
Renchi Bicknell Committee Member, Clarence Bicknell Association

Valerie Browne Lester (1939-2019), Committee Member 2013-2019 † In Memoriam,

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