Butterflies, Bicknell and Art Nouveau - new paper from Elena Grafova

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Weigner Nature Studies and Compositions 1905We are pleased to publish a new paper by Elena Grafova, and ardent student of Clarence Bicknell, and a Graduate Student of the Russian Research Institute of Cultural and Natural Heritage named after D.S.Likhachev, Russia, Moscow, Bersenevskaya, 20. The paper examines the role of the science of butterflies in the creation of the artistic images of Art Nouveau.

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Elena summarises her paper thus... "Studies of the natural world in the artistic and scientific aspects of the observations of the English naturalist and artist Clarence Bicknell, allow us to reveal an understanding of the contexts of European and Russian art Nouveau. His books on the flora of the Flower Riviera (Italy), the butterfly collection by Watkins & Doncaster which he acquired from naturalists from London, his herbariums and watercolor albums, in which he displayed the flora of Liguria (Italy) and gave detailed descriptions of plants, allow us to understand the way of thinking of artists and researchers in the field of botany and entomology of the time of «art nouveau»".

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