In Clarence's Time - Edward Lear in San Remo

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edward lear and fossEdward Lear (1812-1888) was not an exact contemporary of Clarence Bicknell (1842-1918) but he was comparable to Clarence; a skilled artist, a bachelor, he settled on Riviera and had that Victorian parlour humour. Lear is fashionable with biographers at the moment; David Attenborough has just published his book “The Natural History of Edward Lear” (Oct 2016), saying how there was so much more to him than nonsense verse.

To provide you with some context about Edward Lear on the Riviera, we have the pleasure of publishing here, for the first time, an article about Edward Lear by Michael Nelson, author and Riviera expert. This piece started off as a presentation with the images on slides.

Download Michael Nelson's article here.


Michael Nelson was General Manager of Reuters (, the international news organisation having joined them as a journalist in 1952. Since he retired from Reuters in 1989 he has written four books - War of the Black Heavens: The Battles of Western Broadcasting in the Cold War (Syracuse University Press and Brasseys, London, 1997); Queen Victoria and the Discovery of the Riviera, (I.B. Tauris, 2001); Americans and the Making of the Riviera (McFarland, 2007) and Castro and Stockmaster: A Life in Reuters (Matador, 2011). Michael, who lives in Notting Hill, London, and Opio, France, is married to the former Helga den Ouden and they have two sons and one daughter. Contact via

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