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img 1211c mosque 19dec1889img 1284c finalmarinaimg 1247 breglio 1882

I completed on 7 November 2016 photographing and cataloguing the large watercolours by Clarence which I had not looked at since 2010. There are 38 watercolours of excellent quality, many of them identified with place and date, of sizes between 200x300mm and 300x400mm. I have photographed each of them on my Canon EOS 5D MkII at 21 megapixels, edited each and catalogued them individually (numbers 140-177). A table of the catalogue entries (shortened) is below and 3 sample pictures are above (a mosque in Cairo, Finalmarina on the Ligurian coast and the village which is now Breil-sur-Roya).

Among the 38 are two pictures done in 1917 in a new technique - Sanguine Pastel - recounted by my uncle Peter Bicknell in his short account of Clarence's life, which Clarence experimented with at the end of his life.

These 38 watercolours are different from the small watercolours in the 6x4 inch sketch pads which have been known from the family collection for a long time, so this article is about new material underpinning what we know about Clarence. One of the more interested readers here is Valerie Lester who is writing the biography of Clarence Bicknell.

6 further high quality watercolours, five of mountains in Norway and one in Scotland, are judged by me to be by my grandmother Phillis Bicknell née Lovibond, not by Clarence. They are photographed and I will ask Susie, Valerie and other visitors here their confirmation (or not) of my assessment.

There are also 22 rough watercolours by Clarence, 700x500mm, of flowers, each with their name, presumably for teaching botany. They are of poor quality so I have not photographed them and they are catalogued just with one catalogue number, 178.

I have updated the detailed chronology where a date is given and the master catalogue. Both are available from me to scholars and researchers on demand (both in tabs on one spreadsheet), passworded, as they are not available to the public on the website.

The table below shows the date, country, subject and catalogue number of each watercolour:

1880 Italy Finalmarina 173
1880 Italy Finalmarina tunnel 175
1880 Italy Finalmarina town steps 176
1882 Italy Breil-sur-Roya 159
1889 Egypt Mosque in Egypt 143
1889 Egypt Sphinx in Egypt 144
1889 Egypt Cairo city view 145
1889 Egypt Mosque in Cairo 146
1900 Italy Bordighera rocks 155
1902 Italy Val Casterino 170
1903 Italy Safira Macugnaga 166
1903 Italy Val Casterino 171
1904 Italy Cortina d'Ampezzo 142
1904 Italy Cortina d'Ampezzo 157
1904 Italy Cortina d'Ampezzo 169
1905 Italy San Biagio chapel 164
1905 Italy Boschi di Tenda 167
1906 Italy Val Sasso 154
1906 Italy Val Casterino 165
1908 Italy Cima Berry 174
1909 Italy Vallecrosia 156
1910 Italy Val Borghetto 177
1913 Italy Val Casterino 160
1914 Italy Val Casterino 149
1915 Italy Monte Caggio 162
1915 Italy Orchard 163
1916 Italy Val Casterino 147
1916 Italy Val Casterino 148
1916 Italy Val Casterino 150
1917 Italy Val Casterino 140
1917 Italy Val Casterino 141
undated Italy Val Roya 151
undated Italy Val Casterino 152
undated Italy Lake and mountains 153
undated Italy S Giacomo 158
undated Italy Camporosso 161
undated Italy Val Castegno 168
undated Italy Val Nervia 172
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