Book Review - MARVELS in Antiquity

Écrit par Marcus Bicknell le .

Cover of Antiquity journal, Oct  2019

Christopher Chippindale, Reader in Archaeology at Cambridge University, and specialist in rock art and Stonehenge, studied and wrote on Clarence intensively from the early 1980s through the 2010s. This month he reviews for Antiquity, archaeology's foremost journal, Valerie Lester’s MARVELS, The Life of Clarence Bicknell. Christopher writes

  • "The book shows how valuable biographies of individual archaeologists are – even though Bicknell is so obscure...
  • "Lester's  biography of Clarence is finely and artfully written - artfully in the good sense as it is not obvious that in its flowing narrative that spources for the life our fragmentary, and so for many aspect are slight  or absent - fully and well illustrated, handsomely deisgned and published at quite a low price.
  • "It is full of insights and anecdotes about his energy and his several idealisms."

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Chippindale, C. (2019). Alpine rock art: Then and now, and into the future? Antiquity, 93 (371), 1378-1380. doi:10.15184/aqy.2019.46

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